That’s right! You can now enjoy the wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating experience that is Traditional Thai Yoga Massage in Purleigh, Essex (near Danbury, 10 min drive from Chelmsford and Maldon).

Why should you get excited about this?

Well, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage offers you many of the health benefits that you would get from regular yoga practice but without having to do the exercises yourself and bringing you results in a fraction of the time.

Each Traditional Thai Yoga Massage treatment will help you reduce stress, release muscular tension, remove blockages preventing the free flow of the life energy aka Chi or Prana, all of which will support your immune system while giving you a sense of being at peace with yourself and the world around you.

Thai Massage Cobra StretchYour flexibility will improve, if you suffer from bloating you will find yourself shrinking significantly, your joints will be restored to their fully functional state and you will get a complete break from the world as you know it for the duration of the treatment.

Last but certainly not least a Traditional Thai Yoga Massage session addresses the physical, energetic and spiritual planes simultaneously, and as such it’s just a heavenly experience that will leave you feeling amazing.

Everyone can benefit from receiving regular Traditional Thai Yoga Massage treatments because they address so many aspects of one’s wellbeing. However if you are an athlete or energy healer you will be among those who will benefit from regular treatments the most as you will see your levels of performance soar in amazing ways:

  • Yoga instructors and pole dancers have been able to progress to the more advanced poses quicker
  • Reiki practitioners have reported being able to better channel the energy when working with their patients
  • dancers have been able to stretch further
  • horse riders have been able to move in better harmony with their horses
  • martial artists have benefited from sharper reactions and a better range of movement
  • arthritis sufferers have experienced less stiffness
  • individuals that carry out a lot of physical work have reportedly kept bad backs and stiff necks at bay
  • golfers have been able to significantly improve their swings

Even one-off treatments can bring many benefits although I am confident that after your “first time” here you’ll want to come back for more… and more… and then some more…

In the meantime you can find out more about the history of Thai Yoga Massage here, learn how the treatments work here.

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JUST TO BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR: this is really the sort of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage that was first developed in Thai Temples in Chiang Mai by Ayurvedic doctors to bring about healing and relaxation. It most definitely isn’t the “other” type of Thai Massage you can expect to receive at your local red light district.