Stress at work? It happens. Whether your home office is located on the 30th floor of a tall building downtown, or located on the first floor of your home, looking out onto the backyard, you’re going to encounter stress. There are deadlines and clients and projects and trying to do too much with too little. Even just the time you spend sitting can lead to cramped up muscles on your neck and shoulders.

But do you have to sit and suffer, no matter what, just because it’s at work? The answer, fortunately, is a resounding no.

Depending on the type of work that you do getting up often to stretch your legs around the office may not be an option. Depending on where you work having a professional massage at work may also not be an option. Depending on how long you spend at work visiting a clinic to receive a Thai Yoga Massage treatment may also not be an option.

Some simple exercises, done while you’re sitting and maybe without anyone knowing what you’re doing. In the process you can do more than just calm your nervous system. You can help make yourself more alert, and even improve blood circulation. It doesn’t have to take long and you can do it at any time during the day whenever you need a break from the doldrums of office work.

So what are those exercises and how should you do them? This graphic helps to explain it but, if you live in Essex (UK), as soon as you are ready book yourself in for a proper treatment here.  😉