Cristina Alciati, Thai Massage Therapist

Cristina’s first experience with Thai Yoga Massage was in 2005 during a month long stay in Hong Kong to study Wing Chun Kung Fu with Grandmaster Ip Chun. During this time she would spend all day training at the WC school with assorted masters and other students from all over the world.

Occasionally, however she would cross over the border into mainland China to have a soothing Thai Yoga Massage treatment to help her recover from the intense training sessions whilst also tending to her flexibility.Cristina Alciati in Foshan, before a Thai Massage treatment

She was immediately hooked on the treatment and never missed an opportunity to cross over the border to visit the rather dubious massage parlour in Shenzhen.

Despite the language barrier the Thai Yoga Massage Sessions were awesome and always carried out with amazing sensitivity and care. After only a handful of treatments, having overcome years of accumulated muscular tension and joints stiffness, her physical condition improved significantly being now able to perform minor contortions again and practice martial arts with increased power and agility.

It was at that point that she decided that one day she would learn how to do this. It took a long time to find a suitable school in the UK where the techniques were being taught by an expert tutor with impeccable pedigree. Eventually, in 2012, she joined the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage owned and run by Natasha de Grunwald who comes from a wonderful lineage of Thai Massage practitioners having herself learned the art at the source (Chiang Mai, Thailand) from one of the most prominent teachers of our times, Asokananda.

Cristina Alciati Thai Massage Therapist giving it large at the NurbrgringAs well as an accomplished Thai Yoga Massage practitioner Cristina Alciati is a successful Personal Trainer specializing in body sculpting without drudgery and weight loss without silly diets. She was a keen pole fitness instructor for a number of years and is a lover of motorsports.

Cristina is currently busy learning advanced Thai Yoga Massage techniques as well as running a popular fitness blog in between seeing her Personal Training and Thai Yoga Massage clients.

I look forward to sharing the wonderful spiritual experience that is a Traditional Thai Yoga Massage treatment with many of you.