Given the current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic, I decided to stop offering treatments until we are over this crisis.

I am doing this for two reasons:

👉  I had cold symptoms twice since the virus made it into the news. What I experienced is consistent with the symptoms associated with the Corona Virus but also with a myriad of other things. Including Vitamin A deficiency.

Because we can’t be tested unless we are so ill that we have to go into intensive care, I cannot be sure either way. As a sign of respect for my past, current and future clients I don’t want to be the person who unwittingly passes the sickness on and possibly land you in the ICU.

👉  I don’t know if you have it or had it. And I don’t want to catch it. And I don’t want to end up in the ICU.

In the meantime I recommend you all take care of yourselves and I will see you again on the other side of this pandemic.

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Thank you for your understanding.