A treatment to help you clear your head

When people ask me about the Thai Yoga Massage treatments that I offer they are curious as to what they are as, surprisingly, not many individuals are familiar with them. Whereas most people focus on the physical aspects of the treatments they are often surprised when I mention the spiritual benefits. It’s something that I can only discuss with a few discerning clients!

A complete break from the daily grind to clear your head

When you are super busy all the time juggling many roles in your life it can be difficult to stay focused on the most important tasks in the midst of all the distractions. I see this a lot with clients who are visibly flustered and I can just tell they have that little hamster spinning the wheel in their heads…

Being able to clear your head and filter out the unimportant stuff is of the utmost importance if you want to remain relaxed and enjoy your work, hobbies, family and interests. I am sure you have noticed how it’s so much harder to be successful at anything when your head is in the clouds.

Have a break from your daily grind

Sometimes being able to meditate even for just 10 minutes first thing in the morning is enough to help you get focused and plan your day ahead. However if you are also experiencing physical tension in addition to feeling that your thoughts are scattered you may need help from an external source.

My personal experience (it might help you clear your head)

A few years ago I was going through a bit of a rough time in my personal life that was made worse by all the physical tension that I accumulated after years of constantly pushing myself to the limit, small accidents and dealing with conflict on a daily basis at work.

I was no longer able to think or stand up straight and I was in the grips of a permanent feeling of dread and fear. I just couldn’t shake things up and create a way out. That’s when I sought help from a very talented Holistic Therapist that was recommended to me by a client. Among the various treatments she also offered a mini version of a typical Thai Yoga Massage. It focused on stretches as a way of eliminating all manners of tension.

The “physical intervention” soon started to bear fruit: because I was able to relax more physically I was also able to think more clearly and with a more positive mindset. This compounded the effect of the treatments: thinking freely and reconnecting my creative side undoubtedly helped the body remain more relaxed and better able to recharge its batteries with rest.

How you can experience more clarity and clear your head too

I always insist that clients turn their phones on silence during the treatment. I do this too. The reason for this is that it gives them the chance to disconnect from their digital life and being always available. Let’s face it, we are all addicted to our digital lives to varying degrees. On my side going unplugged gives me the chance to work intuitively to make sure I focus on what my client needs.

I find that for most people the 1 or 2 hours of the treatment is the only time when they can completely let go and experience deep relaxation. In fact it’s unusual for clients not to fall asleep at least once during the treatment. Admittedly the location of the clinic, away from the busyness of most towns, helps with this too.

A moment of peaceThe thing is being able to go through the stretches is a lesson in “letting go” of fear and learning to trust. Whenever your limbs are encouraged to move beyond their regular range of motion the body’s own defense mechanism kicks in and causes the muscles to tense up to stop the stretch from going too far. Although this is great for preventing injury it also prevents you from experiencing the sense of freedom that taking your joints through the full range of motion that they are designed to withstand will bring.

Clients usually describe this feeling as one of lightness and happiness. Their bodies are no longer contracted to the point of causing constant pain, their posture is great and their thoughts are flowing freely once again. Having the opportunity to remain in silence for the duration of the treatment allows for introspection although I often find that people enjoy opening up and chatting with me to get an outside perspective on something that’s on their mind.

Although I cannot promise that you will suddenly rediscover your inner Picasso I am confident that you too will benefit greatly from some quiet “me time” with plenty of space for your mind to wander wherever it wants to go.

Ready to clear your head?