Thai Yoga Massage Essex at the Nature’s Medicine Clinic in Purleigh

When I first started with Thai Massage Essex I was offering treatments at my home in Witham, Essex. It was great for a while as I live in a very quiet area on the outskirts of town with very little noise during the day and a lot of light coming through the giant windows.

I would normally set up the mats in my front room and on the warmer Summer days I have been able to treat clients on the lawn, under the hawthorns and apple tree. My cats sometimes would come to say hello to clients and they always knew which ones were the “cat people” and which ones weren’t.

Eventually though I felt the need to find an additional venue in more formal settings where I could treat people who perhaps were not so keen on visiting somebody’s home where there were pets.

By pure chance I saw a message on Facebook posted by one of the lovely ladies at the Nature’s Medicine Clinic in Purleigh, Essex. It’s a new branch of a well established group of Clinics operating at various locations in London, Sussex and Essex and it so happens that my teacher also offers Thai Yoga Massage treatments at one of their venues.

A new home for Thai Yoga Massage Essex

I love love love this place. Set on the outskirts of a working farm in a secluded location, the clinic is surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens with a heated pool on one end and plenty of well established trees alongside the hedge ensuring privacy from the main road.

The treatment rooms are hosted within an old cottage that has been exquisitely decorated to give clients a warm welcome in an understated chic environment.
Thai Massage Essex is also here

On 30th May 2015 I gave a couple of demos at the Clinic’s open day to spread the word about Thai Yoga Massage Essex and what I do.

I joke about it on the home page but unfortunately there is a huge problem here in Essex with men mistakenly associating the ancient healing art of Thai Yoga Massage with the infamous red light district art typically practiced in seedy areas in major (and minor) cities around the world.

There is also another myth that portrays Thai Yoga Massage as “excruciatingly painful”. This is simply not true as typically treatments are conducted with the utmost respect for the client and his or her boundaries and pain is never an option. However, I have experienced the rough end of massage during one of my travels myself so I am well aware of what goes on out there, I just don’t want Thai Yoga Massage Essex to be associated with it.

One of the "treatment rooms" at Thai Massage Essex

Summer house by the pool… in the rain.

At the Clinic in Purleigh I can offer treatments in different “locations”: in one of the treatment rooms within the main building, in the Summer house by the pool or on the lawn under the trees on the other side of the pool. The choice is very much with the client depending on whether he/she prefers more privacy or is happy to enjoy the warm Summer days.

In Thailand massage is carried out pretty much everywhere: on the beach, on the pavement, in clinics, within shopping malls, etc. both client and practitioner are fully clothed so as long as there is enough space for one person to lie down and the other to work around them, there is enough space. All you really need is a bit of floor space and something for the client to lie on comfortably so they don’t get bruised on the hard surface.

This is my typical set up in the treatment room upstairs at the Nature’s Medicine Clinic. 👇


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I received some amazing feedback for my demos on the day and a few people have already booked their first treatments at the clinic. I am very grateful for my “models” who patiently laid on the floor why I was illustrating some of the basic techniques used in Thai Yoga Massage and often had only one side of their bodies treated. I know how weird that feels! 🙂

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